03.03.2014 Durankulak Lake Bulgaria 2014

The N-E of Bulgaria is the main place for overwintering of the endangered Read Breasted Goose. Here I stayed for a couple of weeks to participate in the conservation project. Typical winter images I could take and which you will find on the next page.









Durankulak Lake Bulgaria 2014

Early February 2014 I left for Durankulak to participate in the Red-Breasted Goose (RBG) Bulgarian-U.S. Project. Harnassing the endangered RBG with GPS transmitter for conservation reasons. Staying at the Branta Birding Lodge for 3 weeks and from where you overlook the Lake and the Black Sea. During the stay I had enough time to travel around the Durankulak and Shabla Lakes and made some typical winter images which you will find in my gallery.  I could not come close to the very scary RB Geese this time which requires a plot. So this is for one of the coming years to be worked out. Nevertheless have had a great time and met interesting birdwatchers from several countries. Even a group from Japan just flying in for a week.




Images from the trip you will find in my gallery under >>> My bird pix >>> under the letter -E - for Eurasian Bittern -G - Grey Partridge -M- Mew Gull -M- Mute Swan -R- Reed Bunting -R- Red Breasted Goose -W- Water Rail -W- Western Marsh Harrier.  And - under >>> My bird portraits >>> -L- Long-eared Owl.

Details on the project: http://www.redbreastedgoose.org

Link to the lodge: http://www.birdinglodge.com