09.06.2014 Dunabe Delta Romania 2014

The Dunabe Delta seems endless. So quiet and birds appeared to be very sensitive and scary. Not easy to photograph, exiting with floating islands and - try to find your way back.

Dunabe Delta Romania 2014

The second week of May 2014 we stayed in the Cormoran (Hotel) Complex. It's located on the Uzlina Island in the Dunabe Delta of Romania some 30 km East of Tulcea city. We were collected by the hotel boat at the secured parking lot at Murighiol which transfer brought already an excitement. The Delta looked endless and immediately I understood not to hire a boat and to go on myself as I intended to do. To stay on "the island" appeared not to be that interesting for bird photography. With the reception I discussed options for a early morning excursion and - it appeared that they had an English speaking birdwatcher in the crew as boatman. That was an impressive trip we made the next morning and the guy took all the time to approach the birds carefully - not being in a hurry and assisted to take lowest possible positions with the camera. The Pelicans for which I aimed however we hardly could trace. One I could capture at approx 150 m without that much disturbance. Flogs however you noticed in the morning and the evening at large distances. Next days I spend at the fish breading station at the opposite side of the river, walking. Also taking a rowing boat and trying to photograph fishing birds from a low position in the reed. The crew there proposed to bring me one of the days to a distant place which indeed was special and where I could stay behind camouflage for half a day till it started to rain cats and dogs. With the gained experience I can return and enjoy next stay. You need to develop an approach for this area because the birds are very sensitive and scary. This I also heard from birdwatchers who came for lunch to the restaurant. (Good kooking by the way.) They have the basic knowledge at the hotel however do not propose services for birdwatching and photography from their side. The month of May; the most beautiful one in nature at the northern hemisphere, seemed to me the right time for a second visit.









The Common Tern we could approach easily (full frame photo) which we found on one of the many so called "floating island". Images which I have add to the gallery are further: Squacco Heron, Pied White Wagtail, White Stork and Dalmatian Pelican. See further photo's in the gallery >>> My bird pix and My bird portraits


Details on the Cormoran Complex: