29.09.2014 Eastern Rhodopes Bulgaria 2014

The Eastern Rhodopes has the highest bio diversity in Europe. An area birders should not miss to visit !!! Madzharovo being the spot for vulture observation and photography.

Eastern Rhodopes Bulgaria 2014
The Eastern Rhodopes in the southeast of Bulgaria, bordering Greece, is very rich in bird (278) and animal species of which dear, wolf and even bear are widely spread in the forests and mountains. Also 1900 higher plant species occure here.The region got the status of Special Protection Area under the European Bird Directive and is designated as a Nature 2000 site and is very sparsely populated.
One of the causes of the high biodiversity is the diverse traditional landscape. Lush green hills (200 - 600 meter high) with meadow and forest. Rivers, wide valleys and small gauges resulting in a mosaic of habitats. Dam lakes.
In the Eastern Rhodopes 36 out of 38 European bird of pray species are seen. Vultures are breading e.g. on the "Black Rock" near the Vulture Centre in Madzharovo. They can also be observed and photographed at the feeding stations.
During 2 days and 1 night I stayed in a hide photographing, Griffon Vultures, Common Raven, a Common Kestrel and - a Golden Eagle after sun set. Before sun raise a wolf passed by which unfortunately I did not manage to capture.
During my stay at The "Wild Farm" at Gorno Pole I enjoyed the sunset at the Arda river from the top of the hill next to the farm. A view you should not miss during your stay.

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