09.06.2017 National Park "Rusenski Lom" Bulgaria 2017

Unesco quote: A unique combination of natural scenery and cultural elements. This is a sizable area inhabited by rare species and much threatened by extinction in Europe.

National Park

A long residence permit allowed me to travel and photograph the past 5 years during the season mainly along the cost between Turkey and Rumania as well as in the North of the boarder with Greece through the Eastern and Western Rodopes and twice to Suha Reka in the North-East close to the boarder with Rumania. Time came for a new discovery this  year.

Inspired by what I have read in the Capitool travel Guide about the National Park (included in the Unesco World Heritage List) I decided to book a guided tour at Wildpix together with 3 other bird-photographers from The Netherlands.

May 28 I drover with my 4WD from the Burgas area up to Ruse. A harbor city of the Dunabe river. From there I followed the side river Rusenski Lom in a Southern direction landing at our family hotel in the village of Bozhichen for a one week stay. From here we traveled each morning and evening between the villages Basarbovo in the North and Katselovo in the South. Focussing on particular biotopes next to the rivers Rusenski Lom and Cherni Lom with impressives cliffs till 100 meter high.

Golden Oriole

Indeed the density of the Golden Oriole is high with a claim of at least 200 pairs each year. They wake you up from the hotel garden half an hour before sunrise. So pleasant it can be!  And - easy to photograph with the help of a local guide keen on following their places of breading upon arrival.

It was also easy to approach my target species: Northern Wryneck, Black Woodpecker and Roller. I could even capture my first Lesser Grey Shrike. Photographing mainly from mobile hides.

Northern Wryneck

Black Woodpacker


Lesser Grey Shrike


I had no luck with photographing from the floating hide in a fish pond due to weather changes. The Little Bittern e.g. I have unfortunately missed. Raptors require an other approach and for which I have to return to the area an other time.

Nevertheless I immensely enjoyed my stay and by the end selected 57 images which I have uploaded in my data-based website. You will find these photo's by opening the header "My recent photos". Start from photo number 1332 till 1275 or reverse.

Note: each page contains 12 photo's. After an image returns for the second time you have to click the photo away and click on the botton "Next" or "Previous" for the following group of 12 images.

Enjoy !