30.01.2018 Rose-coloured Starling, Bulgaria 2017.

Rose-coloured Starling colony in Karnobat.


Rose-coloured Starling, Bulgaria 2017.

At the end of the breading season I received the information that Rose-coloured Starlings are around a hospital and a quarry in the city of Karnobat.

Together with Jim we drove up to the site on Saturday morning and made a stop at the first coffee machine in town. Not a bad idea because at ones we have noticed noisy Starlings just above our heads in the fir trees. Feeding their chick with large insects.

Here I made the first photo's and we got excited and eager to find the quarry which appeared to be nearby.

A cooperative guard let us in, pointed the direction and said: over there you will find a photographer with a jeep. With him we got acquainted and he took us to the place were they nest and could place the car. It didn't took long before the yungsters came out of the gaps between the pieces of stone; apparently their nest.

Despite the harsh sun light I could take reasonable images of their breading, how they feed on white and black mulberry and how parents try to take the chick away from the breading grounds to the adjacent trees in the park.

As we understood the colony existed of 150 - 200 pairs and each moment they were expected to migrate. Ten years ago the colony was 5 times larger as I later got to learn.

Apart from the 3 photo's shown above I have selected 27 others and edited them in a clip. Enjoy watching at http://www.birdscaptured.com/video.php?id=6

or: scroll to the top of the page, open "My bird clips" and click on clip Nr. 6, Rose-coloured Starling.