05.09.2018 Eastern White Pelicans at Burgas Lake in Bulgaria.

Eastern White Pelicans captured at (also called) Vaya Lake in Burgas.

Feeding just before they migrate via the Bosporus, further South.

Eastern White Pelicans at Burgas Lake in Bulgaria.





Each year at the end of August I drive to Burgas to photograph these pelicans. (Burgas, being the most western part of the Black Sea at the Via Pontica fly-way.)

Now, the first week of September they estimate their number as approx. 4000.


This year they also stay overnight since the water level at Atanasov Lake is too high. (Previous years the pelicans were roosting at Atanasov Lake and came to Vaya Lake for fishing.)

Roosting and fishing they do this year close to the new motor way from where it is not longer possible to photograph at eye level.

I have spend 2 days observing their behaviour and found new spots which allowed to watch them close. On the third day I noticed them early morning drifting the fish to the southern shore.

That was my chance to shut videos and photos from the earlier dicovered places.

Selected photos I assume are further self explaining. Enjoy!