Tankovo near the Black Sea cost of Bulgaria.

Following the Isabelline Wheatear in the season, day by day during 2 months.

Eastern Rhodopes Bulgaria 2014

The Eastern Rhodopes has the highest bio diversity in Europe. An area birders should not miss to visit !!! Madzharovo being the spot for vulture observation and photography.

Dunabe Delta Romania 2014

The Dunabe Delta seems endless. So quiet and birds appeared to be very sensitive and scary. Not easy to photograph, exiting with floating islands and - try to find your way back.

Suha Reka / NE Bulgaria 2014

A remarkable remote area, close to the Romanian boarder. We hired a self-catering cottage with in the back yard a permanent photo-tower-hide and a permanent hide at a pond. Great times and fantastic birding !!!

Durankulak Lake Bulgaria 2014

The N-E of Bulgaria is the main place for overwintering of the endangered Read Breasted Goose. Here I stayed for a couple of weeks to participate in the conservation project. Typical winter images I could take and which you will find on the next page.