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wild life photographer Frank SchulkesFrank Schulkes

From his childhood, Frank (1947) had a fascination for birds. Kept tropical birds and pigeons during primary school time and bought a camera from his first savings.
His professional occupation didn't allow much free time which was mainly spent, walking in the nature. Then photography was limited to family and holiday shots. In 2007 Frank decided to cut working hours which meant - starting birding and being outside.
First captures of birds didn't satisfy him which brought to first of all self studies on photography, following lectures, Master Classes and field trainings. Consequently upgrading camera's and glass.
After having transferred his company's activities in 2010 Frank got his hands free to focus on bird photography and traveling. Since 2013 Frank focuses on specie observations and is targeted to image-filling bird photo's  from behind camouflage and from the car. Uploaded bird portraits however are regulary but not always cropped. His style: as it is. Not staged. Not photoshoped.
In 2017 Frank started filmmaking. Registering bird behavier with the D500 camera in 4K and from 2020 also with the D850. Half of the time Frank spends nowadays photo- and videographing in The Netherlands and half in the (so far) unspoiled nature of Bulgaria and surrounding countries. By doing so, Frank is aiming to contribute in his way to awareness, conservation (project participations) and education of nature and - in particular of birds.
This website is aimed to be his database of captured birds.
Presentation and editing:
Images presented at this website are 640 pix hight and in sRGB colour setting. Cropped  images are in high resolution and have at least 3000 pix at the longest side; square ones at least 2500 pix.
Applied editing techniques are limited to moderate general adjustments: shadows / highlights, exposure compensation, contrast , saturation and sharpness.
Origional NEF (RAW) images are available on request for prints and publications.
Please use the > Contact < button and make reference to the photo number(s).
The published video clips consists of raw material that later will be used for editing documentaries and films.
This material is also available and in 4K.


Note:  Frank fully respects the latest commonly published "Nature Photography Definition" of FIAP, PSA and RPS.


Photo rating (by himself):
Stars: 5 = Technical perfect, high resolution, difficult to capture, interesting pose or rare specie.
Stars: 4 = Technical perfect, high resolution, difficult to capture, regular pose.
Stars: 3 = Technical perfect, high resolution, common to capture.
Stars: 2 = Technical perfect, medium resolution, common to capture.
Stars: 1 = Technical not perfect, high or medium resolution, in a way interesting.
Actual gear (related to bird- photography and videography):
Nikon D850 + D500, Sigma 300 2.8 + Sigma 300 - 800 5.6 
(D700, D800, D7100 and D7200 have been used in the past)
The copyright on all images, texts and other content on this website belongs to Frank Schulkes, unless indicated otherwise.
All rights are reserved.